South Carolina Technical Education Association

SCTEA provides a wealth of benefits

SCTEA hosts an annual conference

The annual conference allows members to network with their sister institutions. This may be the best opportunity all year for the technical college system to gather and exchange ideas.

SCTEA is open to anyone who supports technical education

From technical college employees to area commissioners, foundation members, and community & business leaders, all friends and supporters of technical education are welcome.

SCTEA supports member and community services

Student Community Involvement Awards and Educator of the Year Awards are just a few of the ways we support our community and members.

SCTEA Mission

The South Carolina Technical Education Association is a professional association of technical education personnel and others interested in postsecondary technical education. The purpose of SCTEA is to further the mission of the South Carolina Technical College System and the welfare of its members in the following ways:

  • To provide for the exploration of opportunities for service in the field of technical education.
  • To create an abiding interest in the technical occupations affecting students who have chosen them as expressions to life-long education.
  • To encourage the use of high ethical standards in the technical occupations.
  • To foster a deep feeling of the civic, social and moral responsibilities of the technical occupations to society.
  • To develop leadership in the field of technical education which is competent, aggressive, cooperative and patriotic.
  • To produce a healthy respect for occupational education and a desire to keep abreast of current developments in this field.
  • To project future directions to ensure that the activities enhance the image of the SCTEA so that its growth and development as the foremost professional organization for South Carolina's technical educators and support will be continued.