Student Community Involvement Project

Student Community Involvement Project competition

SCTEA is again sponsoring a Student Community Involvement Project competition. Any student organization or class within the technical college system is eligible to participate in the competition. This is a great opportunity for students to get involved with the local community and to address special needs in the college and local community. Help make someone's life a little happier, do something about the problems others in the community are experiencing.
Here's a great opportunity to show that you care.


Competition winners will be awarded plaques and the following cash awards:

  • Winner — $500
  • First Runner Up — $300
  • Second Runner Up — $200


Project reports must cover a period of time that starts no earlier than August and ends no later than December. Colleges may submit more than one project.

The competition coordinator, must receive reports no later than 4:00 p.m. on the deadline.

Project reports can include text, photos, video, charts, and other illustrative materials. Reports should also include any illustrations or publications that were prepared and used during the various phases of the project. The reports must include the following areas:

Project Description: The report should demonstrate the need for the project and identify the project's goals, objectives, and expected outcomes.

Project Planning: The report should describe the steps taken to plan the project, to secure support for the project, to publicize the event, and to encourage participation in the project.

Project Implementation: The report should describe the involvement of college and community agencies in implementing the project and describe the activities, events, etc. that were part of the project.

Project Outcomes: The report should present information about the extent to which the project met its goals and objectives, some of the outcomes for the students who were involved in the project, and possible future value of the project to the campus and community.

Judges will read the reports and assign points. Each of the four areas addressed in the report will be worth a maximum of 25 points. The competition coordinator will total the points assigned by each judge. The three colleges having the highest point totals will be identified as award winners. In case of a tie, the competition coordinator will judge the entries using the project's point system.

The award winners will be notified and representatives from the groups submitting these projects will be invited to the awards luncheon at the SCTEA annual conference in Myrtle Beach.

2023-2024 Deadline: January 19, 2024

For scoring details and up-to-date eligibility guidelines, please view the SCIP Flyer.